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Gta Iv Disc 2 Data3 Cab Latest




get install. It only takes a few seconds to copy disc 2 to disc 3, so you will have the games on one disc and the data on the other. The data is already in the.rnd and.dsi format. You need to use an editor to put the data on disc 3. I used dsiedit to create the DSI file. You can use CED as well, but it doesn’t work in Windows 10 so I had to find another tool to do that. After that, you just need to change the gamepath and save it with the NFO file. The reason I didn’t show you how to do this in the first couple of posts is because I didn’t want to confuse you and leave you lost. I will add pictures and show you how it’s done. I know you can’t just put a DSI file on disc 1 and a NFO file on disc 2 and hope for the best. You have to use.rnd and.dsi format. It’s like a bios for games. The DSI file will be compressed and put on disc 2. Now you just have to activate the games to play them. How to activate disc 2 games without disc 1 The next step is to find a way to activate the games on disc 2 without disc 1. I can’t seem to find a way to do this. I’m sure it’s possible because I did it before on disc 1 without disc 2. You have to have the disc 1 in the drive to activate the games. I think you can do it from disc 2, but I don’t know. I got this idea from the second PC I played on disc 1 without disc 2. I can’t remember the method though. I’ll add the info if I find it. Shamus’ method is from disc 2 These are the steps to do this method: Step 1: Have disc 1 in the drive Step 2: Insert disc 2 into the drive and go into the game’s folder Step 3: Create a folder named DATA Step 4: Put a.rnd and a.dsi file in the DATA folder Step 5: Launch the game in the DATA folder The reason this works is because the game is still active, but it won’t start because it



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Gta Iv Disc 2 Data3 Cab Latest

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