There are many different types of flooring suitable for badminton and other indoor intensive sport activities. The facts that our exact Sport Court tile floor system is one of the 20 floor systems approved by the Badminton World Foundation makes our flooring system as one of the safe and durable flooring suitable for badminton. Follow this link on Badminton World Federation for more information.

Of course other organizations like the USA Olympic volleyball team and all of the NCAA volleyball tournaments use our Sport Court flooring as well.

As such, there are benefits to our flooring system:

1. Approved by the BWF (Badminton World Federation)

2. Approved and used by the USA Olympic Volleyball Teams.

3. Approved and used by all NCAA division I, II & III teams in their championship tournaments for the last 16 years.

4. Approved and used by the Women’s UCLA volleyball team (if you happen to be in the UCLA area, the flooring is installed in Pauly Pavilion).


In addition to these facts, we decided to double up on the rubber sub-floor that provides the cushioning under the tiles.

We are upgrading all of the courts in El Monte from 4mm to 8mm of rubber. All of the courts in the new Pomona club will have 8mm of rubber. We have upgraded courts 1-5, 8-11 and 14 already and will finish the upgrade on the other courts in the next 60 days.